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 This site is all about train, my own and others. Train, train and trains.

    Trying to combine 4 diffrent aspects of my train interest in one website.

      1.  Train Sim 2017 - Railworks
      2.  Modell Train  -  H0 and 0  and some 1 (1:32)  NOT the G scale!
      3.  Real Train
      4.  Train WorkShop - 3D Print - CNC milling - Soldering.

    Here is the Menu Headings

    Railworks: is much about my own Route, Södra Stambanan (3000 hours buildtime).
    Means Southern Mainline in Sweden.

    Modell Train: is about my H0 and building a shelf layout in my garage workshop.
    Scale 0 (1:45) is nowadays my priority #1 cos my eyes is not that good anymore.
    3D Print is for scale 0 cos in H0 the quality is very poor.

    Real Train:  pictures of my favorite Locos and  Eletrical Locomotive,  EMU & DMU.
    Some pictures and links to  Museie routes in Southern Scandinavia, where Im living.

    Workshop: Is where Im building and modifying my modell trains.

    Projects: About my loco and waggon garage projects going on right now.

    Minitanks: Pictures of my ROCO Minitanks collections.

    DownLoads:  Here is downloads for Scandinavian railworks assets.

    Galleri :  Mostly pictures of my SS Route progress, started 2012.





This site is under reconstruction  June 2017


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